CMMG Auto Sear Trip and Anti-Bounce Kit

    If you have a full auto M16/AR15 lower, and you want to run a .22 LR conversion, take a look at the CMMG kit that was designed for you.  The Auto Sear Trip and Anti-Bounce Weight Kit is designed to keep the bolt from bouncing after it has closed into battery.  Additionally, CMMG states the kit will disengage the hammer from the auto sear at the proper moment.

    This video shows a suppressed gun with the CMMG kit in action:

    CMMG cautions that this kit will not work with all drop-in auto sears or with a Lightening Link full-auto conversion.  More information on these specifics can be found on the company’s website.  Also note that this kit does NOT turn your AR into a full-auto, rock-and-roll gun.

    Richard Johnson

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