Bushmaster Using Magpul MOE Stocks

    Bushmaster Predator

    Bushmaster Firearms is starting to use Magpul MOE stocks on a lot of their rifles.  Among the rifles now sporting MOE gear are the company’s Varminter, Predator and 308 Hunter lines.

    Bushmaster Varminter

    Four different Bushmaster Varminter rifles are now using the Magpul stocks:

    • Varminter (standard model)
    • Varminter SS
    • Varminter BFC-15 (bullet button version)
    • Varminter A-TACS

    Bushmaster Varminter

    Three Predator rifles are now using the MOE stocks:

    • Predator (base model)
    • Predator BFC-15 (bullet button model)
    • Predator A-TACS

    The Varminter and Predator rifles range in price from $1,358.83 to $1,534.51.

    Bushmaster 308 Hunter

    The larger-framed 308 Hunter is also now using the MOE gear.  The 308 Hunter carries an MSRP of $1,685.32.

    It appears the standard A1/A2-type fixed-stock will no longer be available, and that these guns will only be available with the MOE stock.  As of the writing of this article, the Bushmaster website had not yet been updated to show the new models.

    Richard Johnson

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