Buffalo Bore Low Recoil Ammo

    Buffalo Bore 30-06

    Ammunition manufacturer Buffalo Bore is now offering a new low recoil load in .30-06.

    Buffalo Bore states the company created the low recoil .30-06 ammo for the “youth and small stature female shooters…[that] do not like the recoil.”  The company also notes the load is possibly a good choice for anyone with injuries and who are looking for a low recoiling round.

    Buffalo Bore 30-06

    The new .30-06 load uses a Sierra 150 grain Spitzer bullet that makes for about 2800 fps from a 22″ barreled rifle.  One of the things I really like about Buffalo Bore is they will frequently list velocities from actual guns instead of just test barrels.  According to the company, the velocity of this 150 grain bullet is about the same as the velocity on the 180 grain .30-06 load Buffalo Bore makes.

    List price is $41.80 for a box of 20.

    Richard Johnson

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