John Mihaita’s Weird And Wonderful Machine Guns

    About four years ago I published photos of the amazing double barrel machine guns developed by John Mihaita of ITM Tool and Die, Cleveland Ohio. Combining a fully automatic .308 Win. with a 9mm submachine gun is either madness or genius, four years later and I still cannot decide.  These scanned pages are from the book Militärgewehre-Enzyklopädie (2002).



    When I originally wrote about these guns I called the inventor hoping to learn more about his creations but he seemed suspicious of me and would not say anything other than to confirm he was still working on prototypes. A mutual acquaintance also approached him on my behalf but also was unable to learn anything about the guns.

    I never published the photos of ITM’s single barrel submachine guns. They are also interesting …



    Many thanks to Sven for the scans.


    Steve Johnson

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