More UK Legal Pistols

    After my post on UK-legal blackpowder pistol conversions  Dave emailed us with more information about UK-legal pistols. Technically speaking, pistols are apparently legal in the UK as long as they have a barrel longer than 12″ and a total length longer than 24″. Semi-autos are banned unless they are chambered .22 LR. UK target shooters have cooked up some interesting modifications to make their pistols legal.

    The pistol above is Dave’s GSG 1911 pistol. It is fitted with a longer barrel and a permanently attached faux suppressor. The counter weight attached to the magazine well increases the total length of the gun (while also balancing the extra weight of the longer barrel and fake suppressor).

    The pistol below is Dave’s Taurus 66 .357 revolver with an extra long 12″ barrel and a counter weight attached to the frame.


    Steve Johnson

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