SHOT Show 2013 Optic Report: Hi-Lux Leatherwood

    CMR-AK762 in the RS Regulate AK300 Mount

    One of the first optic makers that I checked out during SHOT 2013 was Hi-Lux Leatherwood. What I saw were couple of their interesting new products on display.

    I have been testing their new CMR-AK762 model since late October 2012 for my 300 Blackout article in the upcoming issue of the Guns & Ammo: Book of the AR-15. The scope is a new model in their CMR 1-4x24mm scope series. It has a specifically designed reticle that features BDCs for the 7.62x39mm and 300 Blackout/Whisper calibers (7.62x35mm). My full review of the new CMR-AK762 model will be out shortly. You can checkout my write-up of the standard 5.56/.308 calibers CMR model for TFB here.

    CMR4 production model
    Another new CMR model on display in the Hi-Lux Leatherwood booth is their finalized CMR4 production model. The higher end CMR4 model differs from the standard CMR version with the following improvements:

    • Superior grade of lens to improve the optical performance
    • Redesigned reticle
    • Upgraded illumination system with 3 night vision settings and has a longer battery life
    • Mil/Mil adjustment
    • Capped turrets
    • The windage adjustment turret have been relocated on the left side of scope housing
    • The scope housing will be coated with a new durable wear-resistant finish.
    • It will be available in both the 5.56mm/.308 and the 7.62x39mm/300 Blackout versions.

    You can read my preview of the CMR4 prototype for TFB from last SHOT here.


    USMC Vietnam Sniper Scope
    Following the previous success of their USMC 8x World War II sniper scope, Hi-Lux Leatherwood have developed a replica of the USMC Vietnam era sniper scope. In the 1960s, the original Redfield 3-9x40mm scope was selected by the US Marine Corps to complement the Remington 700 rifle to what came to be known as the M40 sniper rifle system. The Hi-Lux Leatherwood version retained the range finder feature of the original and it’s available in the unique green color of the military model as well as the standard black. It also features upgraded modern multi-coated lens, new 1/4″ click turrets and the range finder scale is now made from durable etched glass sheet instead of the thin plastic tape in the original Redfield.



    The top 2 lines are for bracketing a torso size target. The animated range scale is at 5 o’clock.


    Blue CMR Reticle Illumination:
    The president of Hi-Lux Leatherwood, John Wu, shown me an experimental illumination color that uses blue LED. He said the blue color offers better performance when is used with night-vision and infrared devices. However, they will not be offering the blue color since the popular green color illumination works nearly as good. It’s just that I think the blue color is very unique and the only other company that has it in production optic is Browe Inc.

    CMR-AK762 reticle in blue color illumination

    CMR-AK762 reticle in blue color illumination


    CMR 1.5-6x42mm
    Hi-Lux Leatherwood is also working on adding their signature CMR double-ring reticle to their existing 1.5-6x42mm formula.  I’m looking forward for this CMR model to come out.

    Hi-Lux Leatherwood Optics, 1-888-445-8912,


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