Remington R12 Tactical Shotgun

    Remington Defense’s premier shotgun is now the R12 Tactical Shotgun. The R12 is the tactical version of the Remington Versa Max first introduced to the sporting market in 2010. The Versa Max’s main innovation is putting the gas ports both in the chamber and just forward of it, rather than much further down the barrel. The shells of longer cartridges block more gas ports than shorter ones, effectively regulating the gas system. A 3.5″ shells blocks all the gas ports except the ones just forward of the chamber, while a 2.75″ shells blocks none of the gas ports.

    Remington R12 7

    Remington R12 with 18″ Barrel, Ghost Ring Sights, Traditional Stock

    Remington R12 6

    Remington R12 with 14.5″ Stock, Mesa Tactical Stock, Low Profile Open Sights

    Remington Defense currently has two models on offer. The version with a traditional stock has an 18″ barrel, ghost ring sights and 6+1 capacity. This model would make for the better duty shotgun.

    The R12 with the short 14.5″ barrel has a smaller 5+1 capacity, a pistol grip Mesa Tactical stock and open sights instead of the ghost rings. This shotgun is an ideal breaching and close quarters gun where the longer barrel and ghost sights of the other model are more likely to be a hindrance than an advantage.

    Remington R12 5

    Remington R12 4

    As these shotgun are being sold by Remington Defense, they are only on offer to military and law enforcement organizations.


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