Barnes .270 LRX Bullets

    Barnes LRX

    Barnes Bullets announced the addition of a .270 caliber bullet to the company’s LRX line of component bullets.  The new bullet is 129 grains and will retail for $39.46 for a box of 100 bullets.

    The LRX line of component bullets are designed for long range hunting.  The bullets are made of 100% copper and feature a blue polymer tip.  The polymer tip improves the ballistic coefficient of the bullet and helps to improve expansion – while still achieving deep penetration.  Barnes states the expansion doubles the bullet’s original diameter.

    Barnes LRX

    All of the bullets in the LRX line have a long profile and a boattail design.  The all-copper design avoids any problems with hunting in areas where lead ammunition has been banned.

    Other calibers in the LRX line include 6.5 mm, 7mm, .30 caliber and .338 Lapua.

    Barnes LRX

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