Chris Kyle, Former Seal Team 3 Sniper, Murdered

    Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in US history with 160 confirmed kills, was murdered last night at a gun range in Texas. Eddie Ray Routh, 25, has been charged with the murder of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield.

    Kyle survived being shot twice during his tours of duty, he survived a number of IED explosions and he survived an $80,000 bounty on his head, but he was killed in his home state by a 25 year old.

    Kyle leaves behind a wife and two children. My thoughts and prayers are with them today.

    UPDATE: Many people want to know how they can donate money to the Kyle family. Former former US Navy SEAL Brandon Webb told us …

    Many are asking this. I said if they donate to The Red Circle Foundation and tag it with CK, we’ll make sure the money goes to the family. I’m sure they will eventually set something up but they’re still grieving …

    The photo above, from, was taken during SHOT Show 2013.

    Steve Johnson

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