Tricked out AK Spotted In Mali

    A reader emailed us the above frame taken from a video about the French intervention in Mali showing a Chadian fighter. His AKM is very interesting. It is outfitted with accessories that would make soldiers from far better funded armies jealous.

    The stock is a CAA Tactical M4-Style 6-position stock. Its recoil pad is missing about an inch of rubber at the top. It is possible that the position select lever has broken off and the stock is pinned in position.

    Chadiano en Gao stock

    The forward quad rail and scope mount is the Mako Aluminum 4-Rail Integrated Rail System. It is even accessorized with rail covers!

    Chadiano en Gao quad-1

    The scope looks to be an EOTech holographic sight. Either the EOTech 553 or a similarly sized model.

    Yesterday Michael wrote about the firearms used by the French forces.

    Many thanks to Jesús for the tip. 

    Steve Johnson

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