Handheld See-Through-Wall Radar

    The Camero Xaver handheld radar systems are like something out of a Tom Clancy novel. They allow tactical teams to look through the walls, floors or ceilings of buildings to see if there are any people on the other side. The company makes three models, the small XAVER 100 which can indicate if there is a person behind a wall and how far away they are, the larger XAVER 400 that can map the general layout of a room and where any occupants are and the much larger tripod mounted XAVER 800 that creates a 3D map of a room.


    Camero Xaver 100

    The devices use low powered Ultra-Wideband (UWB) electromagnetic radio waves that the company says is perfectly safe.

    Camero Xaver 400

    Camero Xaver 400


    Camero Xaver 400’s screen.

    Camero is part of the SK Group which includes Israel Weapons Industries (IWI) and MeproLight.

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