Magpul Expands Shotgun Furniture To Include Mossberg

    Magpul’s Remington 870 stocks and forends have been so successful that the company has expanded the line to include Mossberg pump actions. With many thousands of Mossberg pump action shotguns in use throughout the USA, this move is such a no-brainer that one wonders why they didn’t do a Mossberg stock alongside the 870 in the first place. Better late than never!

    M590 Magpul Stock


    Magpul is advertising that the SGA 590 stock and MOE 590 forends fit 12 gauge Mossberg 590s, 590a1s, and some¬†500s. I suppose this means that Maverick 88 owners are out of luck¬†again. The stock set’s features are identical to the Remington 870 version, so all MOE accessories will easily fit and you get all the sling mounts, cheek risers, and other options we’ve come to expect from Magpul.

    M590 Magpul Forend

    Initially offered colors are black, flat dark earth, and orange. I haven’t managed to scrounge up any photos of the stock set actually installed on a 590, so I whipped up a quick Photoshop mockup in the meantime. How do you think the 590 will look with Magpul furniture?