Buy Low, Sell High: Freedom Group May Be Bought Out By… Taurus? reports here that the Freedom Group firearms companies, which were put up for sale last month by Cerberus, have a suitor with cash in hand. Taurus! It turns out that the Brazilian company is the second largest firearms manufacturer in the world in terms of revenue, below Smith and Wesson and above Sturm Ruger.

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    American investors on Wall Street are running away from¬†publicly¬†traded gun companies at the moment. The estimated net value of all the major gun companies, including the Freedom Group, has plummeted in the last month. Enter Taurus, flush with cash after a tremendously successful period of growth in the past two years. Fiercely pro-gun rights and looking to expand ever further into the U.S. civilian market, they see Freedom Group as temporarily undervalued, and they want it. It’s classic capitalism– buy low, sell high. Buy something currently out of favor but which has a good track record of lasting value, and bet that you will profit like crazy later on when things turn around.

    According to the Bloomberg article, the Freedom Group is expected to bring somewhere between $745 million and $1.13 billion in a potential sale. This is a big bite for anyone to chew– for example, Taurus accounted for about $300 million in net revenue last year, so presumably they would have to borrow a few bucks to seal a deal. But don’t underestimate the Brazilians, they are absolutely serious and they just might have the financial savvy to pull it off.