Magpul Announces New AR Grips

    MagPul Logo

    Magpul is showing off a very nice MOE AK Grip at SHOT Show, but don’t think they are ignoring their core AR market. They are offering two new grips for AR-15s and AR-10s.

    The first new AR style grip is the MOE-K2, a shorter grip with a reduced angle, similar to Troy Industries’ Battle Ax series of grips. These grips are optimized for small, Personal Defense Weapon style guns with short length of pull stocks. They accept all Magpul grip cores and are aggressively textured. Shooters with small hands or who are trying to build the smallest rifle possible will appreciate the MOE-K2.

    MOE K2 Grip

    The second new AR style grip is the MIAD 1.1. Continuing the MIssion ADaptable concept, the 1.1 comes in AR-15 and AR-10 specific flavors. Replaceable front and back straps give the user a truly customized grip. Texturing is more aggressive than previous MIAD models, and the 1.1 comes with a unique grip core– an oil bottle storage core.

    MIAD 1.1 Grip