Tapco iPhone cases

    Tapco AK iPhone Case

    Sometimes the miscellaneous gun-related goodies and gadgets are the best parts of the SHOT Show.  I don’t know if these iPhone cases are the “best” of the show, but they are certainly appealing to a number of people.

    Tapco AK iPhone Case

    One of the cases is designed for the AR lover, while the other is for the AK fan boy.  Both are made of polymer and are designed to provide simple protection for the iPhone.  I do not believe either will provide the same level of protection as an OtterBox or similar style case.

    TAPCO AR iphone case


    MSRP is $16.99 and the cases are made only for the iPhone 4 and 4s.  Cases are not currently being made for the iPhone 5.

    Tapco iPhone case front

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