McGlock’s McNally Trigger for Glocks

    One interesting products at the Shot Show this year is the McNally Trigger for Glocks. Glock makes an excellent pistol, however nothing is perfect. One of the shortcomings that a Glock has is the standard Glock trigger.

    The problem with the standard Glock trigger pull is that the trigger collapses when the firing pin is released causing a jerk. This jerk causes Glocks to have a tendency to pull the shot slightly to the left for right-handed shooters. The McNally Trigger solves this problem by stopping the rearward travel once the firing pin is released, which increases the accuracy of the shot.


    The McNally Trigger incorporates a forward travel adjustment that will reduce the long travel. There is still some creep, but it is necessary to ensure that all the safeties are engaged when the finger is off the trigger. The forward travel, as well as the trigger stop within the shoe, can be adjusted by taking the slide off to gain access to the adjustment screws.

    The McNally Trigger has a rich design heritage. The McNally Brothers and their Father designed the McNally Trigger. All three are well versed in competition pistol shooting. Jim McNally was a two-time Olympian, John McNally is a five-time Olympian, and Ken McNally was a World Champion and Pan Am Games Gold medalist.

    Will Fawcett

    I was raised a gun nut, but to pay for ammunition I am an attorney in Smyrna, Georgia.