USFA ZiP .22

Shelby Murdoc
by Shelby Murdoc

Looking a bit like something from a cheesy science fiction flick, the new ZiP .22 is a polymer rimfire bullpup pistol. Okay, it looks more than a bit like something from a cheesy science fiction flick.

The form factor is designed to deliver compact size and modularity and does away with a slide. The shooter’s middle finger goes below the trigger and provides a solid hold on a gun lacking a traditional grip. Above the 5.25″ barrel are two push rods, one for charging and the other for restriking the action without loading a new round. The rods are interchangeable for. The gun’s overall length is only 5.9″, not bad for a gun with a 5.25″ barrel.

The Zip .22 uses standard Ruger 10/22 magazines, meaning that there’s a wide range of options available. Standard ruger rotary mags and the BX-25 are recommended, but the rep says that their testing indicates that magazine performance in the ZiP .22 matches that of the 10/22 rifle: If it works reliably in the rifle it will work reliably in the ZiP.

A number of options and accessories are available, including a threaded barrel, tops incorporating mil rails or night sight mounting holes, and a ZIPSBR top for mounting the ZiP under the barrel of a rifle or separate stock system (check local regulations):

The shooting at Media Day was marred by performance problems caused by the day’s cold temperatures, something not unexpected when discussing a gun relying so heavily on polymer construction.

Shelby Murdoc
Shelby Murdoc

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  • VES Tactical VES Tactical on Feb 17, 2013

    Just finished shooting my new in box Zip 22. Couldn't get the 25 round mag to feed at all. The key to this gun is after squeezing the trigger you have to immediately let off to allow the reset. If you hold he trigger back it will jam, double feed, or FTE every time. This method worked with the factory 10 round mag, the 25 round was a Walmart special. Shooting with the 10 rounder was somewhat awkward because of the lack of something to wrap your lower two fingers around. I'm a dealer so I was out less than $170 on it,MSRP is $199. I'm not going to carry them in my shop until the bugs are worked out. They already have a fix kit for the ruger 25 round mags so they know there is an issue. They're selling on gunbroker for over $300, going to be some upset owners.

    • Rogertc1 Rogertc1 on Feb 18, 2013

      @VES Tactical well..guess I as a REAL ZIP OWNER DONT DESERVE A REPLY? ves IS THE EXPERT? nO LINK...

  • Chris Pattison Chris Pattison on Feb 22, 2013

    Held one today. At first it grabs your attention but then you realize there is no practical application. Sorry guys at USFA you totally missed the mark. This is a piece of garbage and Davidson is not going to do you any favors marketing it. If you want someone that can convince everyone this thing doesn't suck, give me a call. Because you obviously lost all of your shame making this thing. Your revolvers are second to none but this piece of @#$% is going to lower the bar for you guys. Welcome to the world of Hi-Point and Jimenez!