Springfield XDs 9mm

by Aaron
Springfield XDs 9mm with 7 round magazine

Springfield Armory has followed up their success with the XDs in .45 caliber, by introducing the XDs 9mm. This is a compact, single stack, 9mm handgun based upon the same frame as the original XDs. The XDs 9mm provides a great alternative to shooters who are not big fans of a large cartridge in a very small handgun. The highly popular 9mm cartridge should make this pistol very popular as well.

The XDs surprised a lot of people by coming in a package that was only 6.3″ long in total, with only a 3.3″ barrel. Of greater interest to many who are looking for a concealed carry firearm, is the fact that Springfield was able to put all that power in a pistol with a width of only 0.9″. The XDs 9mm follows that same trend.

Springfield XDs 9mm with a width of only 0.9

Having shot the XDs in .45 caliber last year I was very impressed with the pistol’s ability to maintain control and accuracy of the .45 cal. from such a small frame.

The XDs 9mm as expected was a real treat. The pistol had no problems accurately firing the 9mm and the recoil was so minimal that it did not create a hinderance to rapid follow-up shots. This little gun shoots well, and should be a very popular carry gun.

Here are some of the specs:

  • Nearly identical specifications as the XDs, but in 9mm
  • Barrel – Melonite, fully supported ramp
  • Sights – Fiber Optic Front, Dovetail (Steel) Rear
  • Slide – Forged Steel with Melonite finish
  • Frame – Black Polymer
  • Magazines – (2) Stainless Steel
  • Standard capacity of 7+1, but has optional extended magazine making 10+1
  • Should be available by 2nd quarter 2013
  • MSRP will be around the XDs price

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