Realtree’s New Xtra Camo

    effectiveness realtree xtra

    effectiveness realtree xtra

    Hunters take note:  Realtree introduced a new hunting camo called Xtra.  Calling it the “industry’s more realistic pattern,” Realtree uses a pattern that includes a foreground, mid-ground and background.  In theory, this adds visual depth to the pattern and increases the ability of the wearer to blend in with the natural environment.

    Two patterns of this new camo is available:  Xtra and Xtra Green.  As one might expect from the name, the “Green” pattern incorporates more green into the pattern.  A total of twelve earth tones are used in the Xtra camo pattern.

    effectiveness xtra3

    “New Realtree Xtra and Xtra Green truly live up to their names, giving hunters extra effectiveness in the field,” said Realtree Designer and President Bill Jordan. “All throughout the development process, we focused on creating incredible depth, visual confusion and 3D effects in the pattern mid-grounds and backgrounds while still retaining total sharpness and detail in the foreground elements. The result is as close to nature as we’ve ever gotten.”

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