SIG MPX Submachine Gun 9mm NATO, .357SIG and .40 S&W

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

SIG has just published a new video of their upcoming SIG MPX Submachine Gun. The MPX is notable because it fires from a closed locked rotating bolt and is gas operated, much like a rifle. Pistol caliber submachine guns usually are conventional blowback or delayed blowback because they do not generate enough gas to use a rifle-style gas system.

The SIG MPX is the world’s first submachine gun that operates with a fully closed and locked rotating bolt system, greatly enhancing operator safety.

The SIG MPX employs the SIG SAUER® battle-proven gas-operated short stroke piston system for unequalled reliability in the field, even under the most adverse conditions.

The SIG MPX is the only submachine gun that allows the operator to change barrel length, caliber and stock configuration in the field to meet mission requirements.

Easily convertible to 9mm NATO, .357SIG or .40S&W

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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