New Site Theme Is Up

    The new site theme is finally up and more or less functioning correctly. I love the new theme. It is crisp and clean and underneath it isn’t a horrible mess of code. We will be constantly improving this theme. I have already made changes that readers requested.

    I know many of you loved the old theme. It served us well but it was such an unmaintainable mess it simply had to go.

    Comments should now be working. The Disqus comment system has a number of nifty feature readers have been wanting for years.

    You can now register an account when posting a comment. This prevents trolls using your name and impersonating you. It also significantly decreases the chances that your comment will be marked as spam by our automated spam detection system. You can also set a custom avatar image for your account.

    If you don’t want to register an account you can continue to post comments as a guest just like you always have.

    The other nifty feature is image attachments. If you are using a modern web browser simply drag an image into the comment box (or click the little image icon below the comment box) and the image will be attached to your comment.

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    Steve Johnson

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