Kel-Tec Raises KSG Price To It’s Distributors

    Kel-Tec has sent a letter to it’s distributors informing them that because they have learned that the Kel-Tec KSG will be specifically named as a banned gun in Feinstein’s proposed bill they have to raise prices to try and recoup R&D costs in the event that the gun is banned.

    Kel-Tec has raised the distributor price out of self preservation as have a number of other companies in similar situations. With millions in R&D cost for the development of the KSG the timing couldn’t have been worse. I know we all hope that the current situation will not come to pass and businesses will be able to lower prices and get back to normal business.




    This mades me incredibly sad. The political situation is going to set firearm innovation back a decade.

    Thanks to the reader who tipped us off.

    Steve Johnson

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