S&W 100 Year Commemorative 1913 and 1911 Pistols

    The official SHOT Show GunBroker Pistol Auction this year is for a S&W 1913, their first automatic pistol, and an engraved S&W Model 1911. They commemorate 100 years of S&W making automatic pistols.

    Smith & Wesson introduced its first “automatic” handgun–as it was known in 1913–with the Model 1913 “.35 Automatic Pistol “. The 2013 SHOT Show auction will commemorate Smith & Wesson’s 100 years of semi-automatic handgun production by pairing a new-condition Model 1913 .35 Auto with a modern-manufacture and appropriately engraved Smith & Wesson Model 1911.

    The Model 1913 pistol selected to represent the first year of the 100-year span is a certified “New Condition” .35 auto in original box with owner’s manual. The condition of the pistol has been verified by author and official Smith & Wesson historian, Roy Jinks.

    The modern end of the 100-year history is represented by a factory-engraved stainless E-series Model 1911.

    The right side of this one-of-a-kind pistol features gold engraving proclaiming “1913-2013- 100 Years of Semi-Auto Leadership”. The rear of the slide features a gold Smith & Wesson logo.

    The left side of this impressive pistol features the gold inscription “Smith & Wesson–Where Innovation is Automatic”. The rear of the slide
    proclaims “One of One” in gold engraving.

    The two handguns will be on display in the Smith & Wesson booth at the 2013 SHOT Show and the high bidder will receive the custom display case used at the Show. The impressive case was custom created by Brookfield Case Company of Coopersville, Michigan. Laser-engraved in the side of the display is the inscription:

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