Grab Your Ankles: The New Holster from Crossbreed

    Crossbreed Holsters is now making an ankle holster for small and medium framed semi-auto pistols.  The new Ankle Rig holster is made of a synthetic fiber, probably nylon, and will fit a variety of guns, but the Kahr K-series, Ruger LC9 and Springfield XDs were specifically stated to fit this holster.

    Crossbreed Holsters

    According to CrossBreed, the late Mark Craighead designed the Ankle Rig, and it is designed for “deep concealment.”  The holster is made in the United States.

    The new holster comes with a calf support strap that is designed to keep the weight of the pistol from pulling the whole rig down.  I’ve found with other rigs that the calf strap is a waste of material, and I always remove them.  In theory, the calf strap makes sense, I’ve just never found one that works for me.  Hopefully the Crossbreed will work.

    The holster is only available in a right handed model.  That may change in the future based on sales and feedback.  MSRP is $49.50.

    Richard Johnson

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