New Barnes VOR-TX Rifle Loads

    Ahead of the new year, Barnes Bullets announced they will introduce four new rifle loads in 2013.  The new rounds are loaded cartridges, not merely bullets or other components for handloading, and are in the company’s VOR-TX line.

    Barnes VOR-TX

    The new loads include:

    • 22-250 Remington:  50 grain TSX bullet
    • 260 Remington:  120 grain TTSX bullet
    • 280 Remington:  140 grain TTSX bullet
    • 300 Weatherby:  180 grain TTSX bullet

    Barnes claims “the ultimate in accuracy” and “double-diameter” expansion from the rounds in the VOR-TX line.

    The TSX bullet is also known as the “Triple Shock X” bullet that is an all copper hollowpoint.  The TSX is specifically designed for deep penetration and to resist fragmentations.

    Barnes TTSX

    The TTSX bullet is the “Tipped Triple Shock X” bullet.  The TTSX is an extension of the TSX line that uses a polymer tip to improve the bullet’s ballistic coefficient and long range performance.

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