And Little Pink Bullets for Me and You…

    Need a light-recoiling self-defense load for your .38 Special revolver?  Take a look at the new ammo from Hornady:  the Critical Defense Lite.

    The new .38 Special load uses an FTX bullet like the other loads in the Critical Defense line of ammunition, but is specifically loaded to be as mild as possible while still retaining the ability to stop an attacker.  The FTX bullet uses a polymer tip, but unlike the other bullets from Hornady, this tip is pink.

    The Lite load uses a 90 grain bullet that makes for 1200 fps out of a 4” test barrel.  I would imagine that most people would carry this load in a snub nose revolver such as a Smith & Wesson J-frame.  Typically these guns have a barrel length of 2” or less, so don’t expect this load to get anywhere near 1200 fps from one of these guns.

    Hornady Critical Defense Lite

    While this cartridge will never be considered a powerful load, it may make shooting the gun a lot easier on someone who is exceptionally weak or disabled.  In the past, I have recommended the Federal Nyclad ammunition for people who do not have the strength or desire to shoot +P loads from a snub.  Now that the Critical Defense Lite load is available, shooters have another good choice for low powered self-defense needs.

    Richard Johnson

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