Some Firearms Accessories Found Under Our Tree

    There really must be a Santa Claus and I must have been a good boy this past year because I got exactly what I had wanted for Christmas, at least with regard to gun gear. That was a really good surprise and while I do not often like surprises, I had to love this one. Here is what I got:

    gun gifts

    It could not get any better than that unless a pistol came with all of that gear. Since I already have the Remington R1-1911 with which they will mate, and since I am a gun nut enthusiast, and since I just happened to sort of, kind of, mention them as some things I had on my wish list, and then actually got them, they were the perfect gifts for me.

    The only other gifts I might get more use out of than these would be the wallet my wife gave me (time to get rid of the badge case after being retired for over a year) and the sweater my daughter and future son-in-law gave me. I think though that I am sure to have more fun with these. My son sure gets it when it comes to high quality shooting gear.

    What did you get under the tree?

    All the best,

    Glenn B