Strike Industries Simple Plate Carrier

    Strike Industries is developing a simple plate carrier that could be used by a home owner for self defense or by a law enforcement officer for a high-risk call.

    The carrier has two straps that allow the wearer to quickly don the carrier, so that a 10”x13” rifle plate can be worn over the chest or the back depending on the situation.

    Strike Plate Carrier

    Additionally, the back of the carrier has an arm strap so the plate can be worn like a small shield.  Wearing the Strike Industries plate carrier as a shield can have some tactical benefits when conducting building and vehicle clearings.

    Strike Plate Carrier

    As shown in these photos, the carrier is in a tan color.  When taken to production, I would expect to see a wider selection of colors including black.  The front of the carrier has PALS webbing for attachment of additional gear such as a magazine carrier or medical kit.

    Internally, the carrier has a padded section for the carrying of a 13” notebook or tablet.  So, some people might be able to use this as a daily carry pack, toting a little protection with them wherever they go.

    Strike Plate Carrier

    The plate carrier does not (yet) have a suggested retail price attached to it.

    Richard Johnson

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