Nifty Bullpup Gun Design From Airsoft Maker

    Simon had the chance to examine a prototype airsoft rifle designed by a Hong Kong airsoft manufacturer. It is not a copy of a real gun, which is unusual for the airsoft industry. The gun has some very nifty features I have not seen on a real bullpup rifle. It has an ambidextrous magazine release situation above the trigger guard to allow easy one handed access. A backup magazine release is situated in front of the magazine (in case something does wrong with the forward release linkage). The bolt release is situated on top of the buttstock but does not protrude above it.

    I really like the clean lines of this rifle. It reminds me of the HS Produkt VHS, but without the inconvenient FAMAS-inspired top charging handle.

    There are a lot of talented designers in Asia who turn to building replicas and airsoft guns instead of real guns because local laws do not allow them to own, let alone manufacture, the read thing. Maybe we will see innovative designs being licensed from airsoft makers to real gun makers instead of just the other way around.

    Steve Johnson

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