LaRue Tactical RAT Stock

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

LaRue has developed a nifty looking AR-15 stock called the RAT Stock. It has a trigger mechanism, rather than a lever, to adjust the length of pull.

With simplicity in mind, the new LaRue RAT™ Stock was designed to be the ideal complement to the LaRue Tactical AR15 family of rifles. The unique 2-stage trigger mechanism allows shooters to adjust the pull length of the stock while in a variety of shooting positions. The CNC-machined internals allow for smooth operation as trigger mechanism is pulled to the rear and released. The internals provide positive lockup on Mil-Spec receiver extension positions. The internal cavity is designed for a snug fit without the need for an additional locking mechanism.

Ambidextrous 1/4” swivel sockets, and 1” slots provide ideal anchor points for two-point slings. A locking rear butt-plate slides open to expose compartments that hold cleaning kit components.

They are selling the stock for $115.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • D D on Dec 20, 2012

    Is it often the case that the stock needs to be adjusted quickly "on the fly"? I mean, i'd think that if anything doing that would be likely to reduce effectiveness, because you'd have to get used to the new stock position.

  • Sean Sean on Dec 20, 2012

    Total Gimmick, seems like every week someone reinvents the wheel on M4 Parts for that "Totally Boss Kewl Rad" item that only costs $60 to $100 bucks to replace something that works. Never had my stock collapse on patrols