German GSG-9 seen using FN SCAR-L

    Earlier this month the GSG-9, Germany’s famous elite counter-terrorism force, participated in a large scale joint exercise with Spezialeinsatzkommandos (SEK) squads from all over Germany. Eight hundred commandoes and 400 “hostages” participated in the exercise which lasted three days.

    The below photo shows a GSG-9 officer (in the green) talking to a group of “terrorists” during the exercise. The officer is carrying a FN SCAR-L rifle. The rifle appears to be the latest generation black SCAR-L in the Standard configuration with a 14″ barrel.

    The GSG-9 uses a wide range or weapons including the HK 416, HK 417 and SIG 550 but this is the first time we have seen or heard of them using the FN SCAR L. FN Herstal has never sent us a press release announcing their adoption of the weapon system.

    [ Many thanks to Steffen for the tip. ]

    Steve Johnson

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