BIG NEWS: Izhmash Announces Saiga-9 9mm and Civilian AK-107 with Balanced Recoil

    Izhmash’s interim CEO Alexander Kosov has announced at a press conference that the company is developing a civilian version of the AK-107 complete with its famous balanced recoil system. They will also soon be releasing the Saiga-9, a Saiga carbine chambered in 9mm NATO. These guns may be displayed at the IWA Show in March next year.

    Interim CEO Alexander Kosov

    Both the Saiga-9 and AK-107 would sell like crazy. Ruger dropped their 9mm Ruger Police Carbine back in 2007 and the Saiga-9 would be the perfect gun to fill that void in the market. Saiga should also consider making a .40 S&W version for the US market.

    Ak 107 108-3

    Collectors and AK enthusiasts would love to get their hands on the almost mythical AK-107 and its unique recoil system (see animation above). To date not many have been produced.

    New model AK-107 with 60 round Magazine.

    It looks like Izhmash is getting back on track. Civilian sales are up 84% and they are planning to increase civilian production to 60-70% of their total small arms output. 83% of their guns are being exported to the USA. The company plans on introducing two or three new products into the market each year.

    [ Many thanks to Peter for the tip. ]

    Steve Johnson

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