LAR Manufacturing Acquired by Remington

    Large caliber rifle LAR Grizzly and LAR Manufacturing have been acquired by Remington / The Freedom Group. Remington has not yet sent out a press release about this acquisition, but Ethan at Aftermath Gun Club spoke to the LAR Manufacturing who confirmed the news.

    LAR has been in business for a long time, at one time or another making pistols, AR-15s, large caliber rifles and tripod mounts for the military. Today they are best known for their LAR Grizzly T-50 .50 BMG rifles and LAR OPS-4 AR-15 upper receivers (pictured below).

    LAR Grizzly T-50 .50BMG. I asked this guy to shoulder the rifle for a photo, no easy feat with such a heavy gun (it is much heavier than it looks).
    LAR OPS-4 Ambidextrous AR-15 Upper

    From the company’s about page …

    Headquartered in West Jordan Utah, LAR Manufacturing has been producing precision engineered firearms and firearms components for over 40 years. Founded in 1968, LAR began manufacturing of M16 upper receivers for the Rock Island U.S. Armament Command; LAR won other government contracts such as the M3 Tripod Mounts for the M2 machine gun as well as the M85 Barrel extension subassembly, and the M240 machine gun. Due to our machining capabilities, LAR launched the Grizzly Mark 1 handgun, “The Browning 1911 on steroids” as it was coined for so many years. Due to our expertise in precision machining and firearms, LAR created the GRIZZLY BIG BOAR .50BMG rifle over 20 years ago. LAR has since launched a new .50BMG Tactical Rifle.

    LAR never stopped building firearms components for the M16 and AR15 platforms. LAR has acted and continues to be a contract manufacturing facility for some of the world’s largest AR15 brand names in the industry. LAR has continued its Research and Development and developed a precision machined side charged upper assembly that makes the AR15 platform more functional, durable, accurate for right and left charged models as well as ambidextrous models.

    LAR Manufacturing continues to innovate and expand. Skilled employees work in a multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art manufacturing complex covering over 35,000 square feet. Research and development is mission critical and exciting new products are on the drawing board. Indeed, the future is bright at LAR Manufacturing.

    Steve Johnson

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