Art Of The Sawed-Off Shotgun

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

A sawed off shotgun is near the top of my gun acquisition list. I love the combination of dark ebony-stained wood and the duracoat grey/green finish.

[ Many thanks to WhaleOil for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Mike Knox Mike Knox on Nov 28, 2012

    I experimented with a Sawn off O/U shotgun with a ten inch barrel, compensator porting and a rosebud grip some time ago. I tried it different shot gauges, slugs and custom loads (rock salt, carbide slag, gel capsules). It did not end well..

  • Matt Matt on Dec 03, 2012

    @ Mehul Kamdar

    Some spec

    From the description (in italian).
    Break-down action in Ergal 55 (aluminum alloy) cnc machined out of a hot forget billet.

    Redolfi Armi is a gunshop which (possibly) contract these guns to some manufacturer in the area (my guess, have seen some tools in their shop but they are for gunsmithing only)

    Hope this help.