Range Offers Force on Force Training With Real Guns And UTM MMR

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Combat City USA, a gun range in Florida, is offering you the chance to shoot your friends with real guns. They allow you to bring your owns guns to use in their airsoft arena. They swap out a number of parts to convert them to the Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) Man-Marker Round (MMR) system or the Simunition system. In the video below the rifle is being used with UTM rounds and the revolver with Simunition rounds.

Between the two systems they can only accommodate the AR-15, Glock 17/22/31, H&K USP, SIG P226 and .38/.357 caliber revolvers, not any gun as reported by CNN.

THe UTM MMR round design is very clever. Each round contains two primers. The first primer is used only to detonate the second primer and to cycle the action (using pressure inside the cartridge to push the sliding base backwards) and does not add any energy to the bullet. The smaller second primer is used to propel the bullet and does little or nothing to cycle the gun. A conventional blank round capable of cycling the action would propel a plastic bullet at potentially lethal speeds.

Unlike a paintball the bullet does not need to break apart to mark the target. When the bullet hits its target, the “inertia applicator ball” pushes the marking wax through the plastic shell onto the target. The wax can easily be washed off clothing.

The UTM round has about 4 joules of muzzle energy compared to a paintball which has 10 – 14 joules (depending on the gun) but the joules per square inch is much greater for a 5.56mm UTM round which has a cross section about 1/10 the size of a 0.68 caliber paintball. In other words: at close range it will hurt a lot more than a paintball.

[ Many thanks to gunslinger for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • John Doe John Doe on Nov 21, 2012

    I've used these several times playing opfor for a training facility called Direct Action Resource Center. They train some swat but mostly SF guys. I have several scars on my arms from the 5.56 rounds at a distance of 10 yards. I was only wearing a long sleeved tshirt. Those SFODA guys wore me out. You definitely remember the sting and think twice before jumping out into a halway to lay down fire. As the nights go on you get to we weary of those little red dots bouncing around the shoot house. If you get hit bare skin it hurts like hell. But IMO they are prefect for force on force training. The rounds add some consequence to your actions if you try to play rambo alone in the shoot house. and if you haven't heard of DARC check them out. they're legit.

  • BlackMesa BlackMesa on Nov 21, 2012

    That lady needs to learn how to get off the X in the last scene. Especially since it looked like a 21' drill.

    • Nicks87 Nicks87 on Nov 24, 2012

      @BlackMesa I hate that phrase "get off the X".

      It reminds me of that douche bag James Yeager.