OCAT: Record Your Targets On A PC In Real Time

    OutWest Systems has developed the system I have been desperately wanting since when I started target shooting many years ago. The system uses a camera and spotting scope to monitor your targets in real time to give instant feedback on your shooting. It also records your targets for reference at a later date.

    I have kept just about every official target shooting target I have shot since I first started shooting. It is nice to go back in time to see how much better (or worse!) I am today, but thumbing through a large pile of targets is time consuming and not something I can do regularly. Having all my targets, not just official targets but also informal range practice targets, digitised would be a dream come true.

    The kit does not come cheap. The most basic system which includes the software, camera and a spotting scope mount costs $549. The deluxe kit which includes everything pictured above and a laser training kit for practice without live ammunition costs $765.

    Steve Johnson

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