Glock Group Unhappy with Son

    Glock Inc. (USA) issued a press release today saying that Robert Glock, son of Glock founder Gadson Glock, is in no way associated with the Group Group. The press release is just one paragraph and reproduced in full below …

    Mr. Robert Glock is not employed by, does not hold any position of authority, has no ownership in, and is not associated with the GLOCK Group in any manner. He is not authorised to speak for the GLOCK Group on any subject. His public statements wether in the press, or otherwise, are expressions of his opinions and not that of the GLOCK Group

    Robert Glock and his two siblings were fired from the company in 2010. Robert Glock is now a restaurateur, his brother started a hunting and shooting apparel business and his sister owns a pet store.

    Steve Johnson

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