Molot’s Latest VEPR 12 Shotgun

    Molot has a new tacti-cooler version of their VEPR 12 shotgun. The new model features an M4 compatible stock, a fancy muzzle brake and two rail configurations.

    The muzzle brake has three baffles which vent upwards and sidewards. Behind the muzzle brake is porting. I am not sure what the advantage of the additional porting is. I suspect not a lot.

    The shotgun is designed for optics and has no iron sights or even a shotgun bead. It is available with two rail configurations. The one configuration (above) uses the space vacated by the rear sight to extend the receiver cover rail. The second configuration (top) has the standard receiver cover rail and a second slightly higher rail which extends the length of the handguard.

    The standard/older version of the VEPR 12 begun to be imported into the USA this year. It is retailing for around $1000. Mr GunsnGear reviewed the shotgun

    UPDATE: It is very similar to the new Saiga 12 shotgun. It is good to see some cross-pollination between Molot and their parent Izhmash.

    [ Photo by military photographer Vitaly V. Kuzmin. ]

    Steve Johnson

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