BIG NEWS: Remington Acquires TAPCO

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The Freedom Group has acquired TAPCO, maker of tactical accessories for the AR-15, AK and SKS rifles and Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 shotguns. The press release …

TAPCO is a designer and marketer of American-made aftermarket accessories and replacement parts for handguns, rifles, shotguns, modern sporting rifles and other tactical firearms. All aspects of the product development cycle are managed from within the company. State of the art computer aided design, rapid prototyping and extensive testing have allowed TAPCO to bring innovative and dependable products to the shooting marketplace.

“TAPCO has been in business for more than 25 years and has established market strength through its high quality U.S.-made products,” said George Kollitides, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Freedom Group. “This acquisition will enhance our positioning in the accessories market and allow us to further our research and development capabilities.”

“With the acquisition of TAPCO, Remington continues to demonstrate its commitment to the firearm parts and accessories business,” said Scott Blackwell, President of Freedom Group. “TAPCO is well-known as a leader in delivering innovative and dependable products to the shooting marketplace. We are excited about the breadth of the products they bring to our portfolio, and we look forward to utilizing our resources to ensure our consumers and OEM partners benefit from this important acquisition. We welcome TAPCO and its employees into our family of companies.”

TAPCO will continue day-to-day operations at its Kennesaw, Georgia, facility.

I did not see this one coming, but it makes perfect sense. The accessories market is insanely profitable. Not only has the Freedom Group been missing out on those profits, but many of their rifles (from Remington Defense, DPMS and Bushmaster) feature Magpul accessories.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Alan Alan on Nov 05, 2012

    If the Freedom Group acquires Tapco, their high standards of quality and durability will deteriorate- oh, wait...

    • DP DP on Nov 05, 2012

      @Alan Agreed. I had two bad experiences with their stuff furniture and stocks. I have not yet had an issue with their AK or AR mags.

  • Gunslinger Gunslinger on Nov 05, 2012

    hum... tapco.. it serves a purpose. we'll see if now we get cheaper ar customs. quality. let the market decide.

    as for the anti-gun CEO, why would a guy/gal take a job to most surely close it down and well put them out of a job? last time i checked, selling guns was more profitable then closing down a business and not selling guns. but hey, i'm not an econ major.