An Australian Made Semi-Auto AR-15, just $9000 USD

    I never thought I would ever publish a blog post with the above title but an Australian prop supplier is manufacturing M4-style AR-15s in Australia. Warwicks, one of the Australia’s largest TV & movie prop makers and suppliers, is manufacturing the guns because any semi-automatic or fully automatic rifles imported must be destroyed after use. Making them locally allows them to circumvent that rule and reuse the guns for different projects.

    The Warwick Firearms and Militaria WFM4 costs $9000 USD excluding optics! You Ozzies had better start saving if you want one for Christmas. The guns are only available to shooters able to obtain the appropriate license.

    [ Many thanks to Nigel for the tip. ]

    UPDATE: Images removed at the request of Acme Firearms who sell the rifle …

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