Taurus CT556 Rifle Broken Down & Fired

    This video shows pictures of the Taurus CT556 broken down and being fired at the range. The semi-automatic 5.56mm Taurus CT556, and its fully automatic big brother the ART556, was unveiled last year in Brazil.

    Like almost all of its contemporaries, the CT556′s action and lower receiver is derived from the AR-18. Externally it resembles the FN SCAR and Bushmaster ACR.

    I am not crazy about the aesthetics of oversized magazine well/grip combo that Taurus first used on the 9mm Taurus CT Carbine. Still, as someone who continues to use magazine wells as grips, despite this being out of fashion, I think I would enjoy using it in practice.

    [ Many thanks to Victor for the tip. ]

    Steve Johnson

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