5.56LLAx45 Automatic Less-Lethal Conversion Kit for AR-15 / M4

    Less Lethal Africa has developed a conversion kit to allow AR-15 rifles to cycle their 5.56LLAx45 less lethal round. The 5.56LLAx45 rounds can be fired one round at a time or fully automatic. This video demonstrates it in action …

    In recent years rubber bullets have had a bad reputation in recent years leading to a numerous new less-lethal weapons, everything from fancy paintball guns to ray guns. I believe the reputation is underserved. When modern rubber bullets are correctly used the mortality rate is very low.

    The 7.62LLAx39 bullet in ballistic gel.

    The company makes less lethal rounds in a number of modern calibers up to and including .50 BMG rounds for anti-piracy operations.

    [ Many thanks to Lionel for the tip. ]

    Steve Johnson

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