New AR-15 Rifles from Del-Ton

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Delton has announced their new AR-15 rifles for 2013.

The DTI Evolution is a sporting/3-gun rifle that features …

  • 16” CMV chrome-lined, mid-length lightweight barrel and gas system; 1X9 twist
  • HPT/MPI tested Carpenter 158 bolt
  • Samson Evolution 12.37” free float rail
  • M4 feed ramps
  • Samson Quick Flip Dual Aperture rear sight; Samson folding front sight
  • Two-stage, Mil-Spec trigger; Magpul MOE+ grip
  • Magpul CTR Mil-Spec buttstock; Mil-Spec buffer tube; H-buffer
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs

The MSRP will be $1300 and will begin shipping first quarter 2013.

The DT Sport OR is a lightweight sporter featuring …

  • 16” barrel; 4140 steel; 1X9 twist
  • Phosphated under low pro gas block; lightweight profile
  • Tested Carpenter 158 bolt
  • A3 Flat top with white “T” marks
  • Lower receiver is Mil-Spec forged 7075 T6 aluminum; hard coat anodized
  • M4, 6-position buttstock
  • Weight: 5.6 lbs

The MSRP is $699 and it is shipping now.

The heavy barrel Echo 316H OR features …

  • 16” chrome moly vanadium barrel; 1X9 twist
  • Phosphated under single rail gas block; heavy profile; M4 feed ramps
  • HPT/MPI tested Carpenter 158 bolt
  • M4 feed ramps
  • A3 flat top with white “T” marks
  • Lower receiver is hard coat anodized, Mil-Spec, forged 7075 T6 aluminum
  • M4 6-position buttstock; Mil-Spec buffer tube; H-Buffer
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs

The MSRP is $864, shipping date is not confirmed.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Dubbs Dubbs on Nov 22, 2013

    Fired a Del ton Echo 316 and a Colt LE6920 recently at a local range. Did single shots for accuracy( 50 yds max at this public range) and fired "double taps"( no rapid fire allowed). Honestly, couldn't see or tell tbe difference, with thr exception of my friends two stage trigger installed on his colt. Both had commercial red dots( bushnells econo trs-25) and both rifles held 1" pattern. I understand that colt does single rifle inspections whereas del ton does "batch" inspections( so it is possible that a lemon could get through to consumers) but fit and finish appear equal in both guns! I doubt del ton sells cheaper made parts( no pot metal gums like lorcin arms et al) than Colt, but I believe that if you are going to pay a higher price for an AR style rifle, you should pay for the one that has the extra care put in. Colts cost about $1,000+, whereas Del tons are about $750 +. Other that, each company builds to "milspec" in almost all their components.( not going to argue the 1:9 twist barrels vs 1:7 twist rate because neither rifle on the public market is a TRUE "milspec" military M4/M16a4, and much of the "available ammo "out their hovers between 55gr .223 remington to surplus canadian 62 gr 5.56 x45, of which I have 2k rds saved up)

  • Blue2golf Blue2golf on Jun 06, 2014

    Got a Del-Ton Sport about a year and half ago. I won't pretend it's just as good as the high end AR's, but it's just fine for a guy who has to balance raising a family and protecting them without breaking the bank.

    Lightweight, reliable, accurate...I shoot it when I can and when I can afford'll last my lifetime and be there if I need it (..and I fervently hope I never do need it).