Russian Sniper Rifles

    There are some nifty sniper rifles being developed in Russia. Vitaly V. Kuzmin took some beautiful photos of rifles at the Armorer’s Day Snipers’ Contests in Russia.

    ORSIS SE Varmint
    7,62мм снайперская винтовка МЦ-116М (7.62mm sniper rifle MTs-116M)
    Еще одна СВ-98
    ORSIS T-5000 7 RSAUM (Possibly a typo for 7mm Short Action Ultra Magnum)
    ORSIS T-5000 .338LM
    ORSIS SE F-Class
    7,62мм снайперская винтовка СВ-98 (7.62mm sniper rifle SV-98)
    That rare creature, the Russian Glock (Glock 34 Gen4 assembled in Russia by Promtechnologies Group under Glock license)

    Many more photos from the event at Vitaly’s blog.

    [ Many thanks to Boris for the tip. ]

    Steve Johnson

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