H&K Responds to RECOIL

    H&K USA has responded to the accusation by Jerry Tsai that H&K will not sell the MP7 to civilians in the USA because they do not think civilians needs it.

    Some readers have misinterpreted a recent feature story in RECOIL magazine as a reflection of HK policy. Heckler & Koch has a long presence in the US civilian market and throughout that time has been an ardent and passionate supporter of the Second Amendment and the American civilian shooter. This will always be the case. The contents, opinions, and statements expressed in that feature story are those of the writer, not Heckler and Koch’s. Additionally, the writer and RECOIL magazine have issued a clarification and apology for the ill-chosen words used in the story.

    The HK MP7A1 4.6 mm Personal Defense Weapon mentioned in the story is a selective-fire product (capable of “full automatic” fire) and is currently restricted to military and law enforcement agencies by BATF. HK-USA has previously researched introducing similar commercial products, chambered in 4.6 mm, but it was determined that the final product would not have enough appeal or be legally feasible.

    — Heckler & Koch USA

    We will never know what was really said in the between Jerry Tsai and the H&K representative between bursts of full auto MP7 fire at the range, but it is up to the accuser to prove their case. If a journalist makes serious accusations, at the very least they had better have notes detailing the conversation. Tsai should have double checked with H&K public relations what their company policy was before writing what he did.

    Tsai obviously did not realize he was making a serious accusation. This obvious ignorance of gun rights is why the gun community is angry and demanding blood. His resignation cannot be far away.

    UPDATE: Tsai has resigned. Joe Galloway, Associate Publisher, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, has been suspended (presumably because of the public statements he made). This outcome was inevitable.

    [ Many thanks to Casey for emailing us the link. ]

    Steve Johnson

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