Extreme Sexism At Walmart: Woman Can't Buy Big Guns

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

I am outraged at how a Hoosier woman was treated by a Walmart in Clarksville, IN. Prayse Dangler, who is married to a solider, was worried about protecting herself when her husband was out of town. She went to Walmart, with her husband, to buy a shotgun. From Prayse’s Facebook page

“Yesterday at Walmart I tried to buy a shotgun to keep at the house with me when Brad is gone. We live in the heart of downtown New Albany where there is a lot of foot traffic, and we believe that me having a reliable way to protect myself and our baby when Brad isn’t here is just a responsible thing to do. –

Here’s the kicker though. The man behind the counter looked at me in disbelief when I pointed out the beefy Mossberg 930 Tactical weapon that Brad had researched out for me and planned on taking me out shooting to get comfortable with. The man then proceeded to interrogate me about what I wanted it for and how it would be used. He said that I didn’t hold it right and that I needed “something else better suited to you”. He put it back in the case and firmly refused to sell it. – All because I am a petite young woman!

He threatened me with the FBI and accused me of purchasing the gun for “someone else” – namely my husband who was with me. My husband informed him that IF he was the one that would be primarily using the gun then he would have bought it himself but it was going to be mine to keep with us and practice with, so we wanted it in my name….

The manager was called at our recommendation and stood by passively as the man steamrolled across us and rattled off legalities and consequences. The man completely ignored my insistence that I have personally purchased and owned 2 pistols before and shot them as well as a couple of my husband’s guns – one being a beefy shotgun. (I’m a pretty good shot too!) The man refused to sell the gun to me and the passive manager escorted us out of the store.

My husband is furious that my rights as a woman to lawfully purchase a sturdy home defense weapon, were trampled by this sexist man simply because the gun looked like too much for me! And I’m horrified that this man made me out to be some criminal for wanting to purchase a gun myself simply because he thought my husband should be the one filling out the papers! After being judged in that way I didn’t feel comfortable purchasing ANYTHING from him and will be taking my business elsewhere.”

I AM OUTRAGED. The gun industry is much better than is used to be, but this remaining sexism needs to be stamped out. It is not doing the industry any good when alpha males refuse to serve woman who wish to own a gun. This is the 21st century. These cavemen need to crawl back under the rocks they came from.

I would like to know if the Clarksville Walmart refuses to sell pink guns to men, or if the sexism is only one way.

Please share this story on social media websites, blogs and forums. Prayse deserves apology from Walmart.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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