Silver Shadow Gilboa 9mm Submachine Gun

    Silver Shadow, makers of the double-barrled Gilboa AR, have developed a 9mm submachine gun. The Gilboa’s lower receiver is almost identical to the AR-15 lower receiver, although the magazine well has been shortened to accommodate Glock-compatible magazines.

    The upper receiver contains a blowback system. It features, strangely enough, both a side charging handle and an AR-15-style rear changing handle.

    Caliber 9x19mm
    Capacity 30
    Fire control Full / Semi
    Finish Black
    Grip AR-15 style
    Barrel 8″
    Stock Folding
    Overall Length 25.4″/ 16.4″ (Stock Folded)
    Weight 4.1 lbs (without magazine)

    [ Many thanks to Joe & Fyodor emailing us the tip. ]

    Steve Johnson

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