IDF officially adopts polymer CAA Tactical MAG 17

    The Israeli Defense Force has adopted the CAA Tactical MAG 17 to replace their aluminium magazines.

    The IDF press release (“cartridges” seem to be a mistranslation of magazine) says …

    After relying on aluminum magazines for many years, the Ground Forces will soon be equipped with next-generation, polymeric cartridges instead. The new cartridges, which combat units will receive over the next several months, will increase reliability and last several times longer than those currently in use.

    Following a long examination process, which included both laboratory and field testing, the IDF has decided to distribute 10,000 of the new cartridges. These magazines, which are produced by the CAA Tactical company, were chosen over several other types of cartridges – plastic, aluminum, and polymeric – from a number of companies.

    Additionally, because the new cartridges will last much longer than the older models, the change will save the IDF a great deal of money. “If the earlier cartridges could only be used seven times, these ones can be used many dozens of times,” emphasized Maj. Iluz. “In fact, we have not yet managed to destroy one of these cartridges. This is a tremendous change, which will lead to significant savings in the purchase of cartridges.”

    [ Many thanks to Joe for emailing us the tip. ]

    Steve Johnson

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