Marines Return to Colt

    Matthew Sturdevant has published an article at about the USMC return to the 1911 pistol

    The newest Colt .45-caliber pistol is touted for its durability and design.

    It is tested to make sure it can be dropped in water, covered in mud, immersed in sand or ice, or left in a dust storm — and still be able to blast off a round when you pull the trigger.

    “Virtually, it’s indestructible,” said Casimir Pawlowski, who works in international sales and technical sevices for Colt Defense LLC. “You can drive over these things with a Humvee and they’re still gonna work. It’s like a brick that shoots bullets.”

    Colt gives a pair of customized guns to each standing president, though Bill Clinton was the only one not to accept the offer, Hinkley said.

    The drawdown of troops a few years ago contributed to a financial slump at Colt Defense as net sales dropped from $270 million to $175 million between 2009 and 2010. Last year, sales were up to $208 million. The company also recovered from an $11.3 million net loss in 2010 to report net income of $5.2 million last year.

    The return to West Hartford-made Colts from Italian-owned Beretta also carries some patriotic pride.

    I was not aware Colt always presented each president with a special custom 1911. The 1911 above with the serial “GWB-001″ was presented to George W. Bush.

    It is worth noting that Beretta USA employees hundreds of people at their Maryland factory.

    Steve Johnson

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