Polish MSBS 5.56mm Rifle

    It has been over two years since I last wrote about the Polish MSBS 5.56mm rifle so I was excited to receive photos of the lastest version from a Polish PR firm. The MSBS-5,56 rifle is was developed by Fabryka Broni Lucznik and the Military University of Technology to replace the Polish Beryl rifle.

    The newest version of this gun differs from the earlier prototype in a number of ways. The forend no longer has a quad rail (although the quad rail could still be an option) but instead has a handguard with slots to screw in short accessory rails. The proprietary flashhider has been replaced with a standard M16 birdcage-style flashhider. The earlier prototypes were displayed with PMAG magazines but it is now being shown with transparent magazines.

    I really like this ergonomic “bullpup” grenade launcher design.

    Steve Johnson

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